Top Gifts for Essential Oil Users Under $20

essential oil gifts under 20

Are you shopping for a gift that the lucky recipient will love, but that also doesn’t break the bank for you? If so, we wanted to bring you a post that detailed all of our products under $20. These affordable items are the perfect gifts for essential oil lovers or beginners. If you’re not quite …

Shopping for an Essential Oil Lover: Top 5 Christmas Gifts

top 5 christmas gifts for essential oil users

Shopping for an essential oil lover can be a difficult task—even if you’re one yourself! Those of us who really get into oils tend to quickly accumulate a great collection of essential oils and accessories. That’s definitely not a bad thing, but it can make it tough for someone to pick out a gift that …


Amazing DIY Essential Oil Holiday Gifts You Can Make at Home

How cool would it be to give away hand-crafted gifts you made yourself to all of your family and friends this year during the holidays? What if those gifts were all-natural, beneficial, and—this can be our little secret—dirt cheap? When you give the gift of an essential oil product that you’ve made yourself, you’re not …