Wooden Essential Oil Storage Box – 68 Bottle Capacity – includes circle label set

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  • LARGE CAPACITY! Holds 68 total bottles, 58 (5-15ml bottles) in an upright position and 12 slanted spaces for roller bottles. Slanted spaces will also fit 5-15ml bottles.
  • BONUS Foam Pad and EO Sticker Labels Included!
  • ORGANIZE! Easily organize any essential oils you own and have room to expand your oil collection. Having your essential oils in one place makes them easier to find and use.


Aroma Outfitters large Wooden Essential Oil Storage Box holds all your essential oils with plenty of additional room to expand your oil collection. This box will fit dōTERRA, Young Living, Scentsy, It Works and many more essential oil brands!

Large Wooden Essential Oil box holds 68 total bottles

  • holds 56 bottles in an upright position and 12 bottles in a slant position (including roller bottles).
  • Perfect for organizing essential oils – BONUS circle label set included.
  • Great for transporting oils, presentations and more.
  • Well-Made & Durable.
  • UPGRADED HINGES TO KEEP LID UPRIGHT: The lid on this wooden box will not flop over and take up precious counter or table space. Hinges are specially designed to keep lid open
  • GREAT FOR TRAVEL, HEALTH FAIRS, PRESENTATIONS, & MORE: Whether you just like to take all your oils wherever you go, or you have an essential oil business, this high-quality wood box is perfect for keeping your oils secure while also providing a unique and memorable way to show them off.

Sturdy Construction

Sturdy and quality construction with natural pine finish. Stain to your own liking or leave as is for a natural look.

  • Clean look for presentations.
  • Custom design for perfect fit of essential oil bottles.
  • Keep all your oils in one location.
  • QUALITY CONSTRUCTION! Made from a natural pine, this box is beautifully designed and crafted.
  • 13.25″ (Length) x 10.75″ (Width) x 3.25″ (Height)
  • SAFELY AND EASILY TRANSPORT YOUR OILS! Safely carry your essential oils to classes, presentations, family vacations and back home again. Just close the lid, latch the box and you are on your way!
  • 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE! Lifetime Warranty against and workmanship or material defects. Just contact us and we will make it right!

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3 reviews for Wooden Essential Oil Storage Box – 68 Bottle Capacity – includes circle label set

  1. 5 out of 5

    I’m very impressed by the seller and this essential oil box! I filled up my other essential oil box I was given so after shopping around and reading reviews, I decided to try Aroma Outfitters. When it arrived I was really bummed because it wasn’t shipped properly…I know because I’m an avid Amazon shopper especially purchasing things that are “fulfilled by Amazon!” It came all banged up and the box itself was split and cracked because it only came in the seller’s packaging, not in an additional box with some kind of packing filler like peanuts or air pillows. I immediately contacted both Amazon to find out my options to get a replacement. Amazon was going to just have me ship it back and re-order. That’s great and all but I didn’t want to chance it again and get another cracked box but I also didn’t think it was the seller so I contacted them via email. They were super nice and very willing to offer a replacement! I am so glad I did! The 2nd box I received shipped quickly and came in perfect condition! I made a little video to show you the differences. Overall this box is amazing! The wooden slats are thicker, it feels really smooth and the lid actually stays open! Also the logo is on the bottom which allows me to personalize it however I want, without advertising for them – even though this is hands down the best box I’ve had so far! I highly recommend this essential oil box! I will definitely purchase from this seller again!

  2. 5 out of 5

    This box not only solves a storage issue but if you order labels for your lids then ease of use becomes yours. This box is pretty well made and even has spacer roller bottles. I really needed something like this. Before my oils were in a cabinet and most of the time trying to find the one I was looking for I would knock over a dozen others! Problem solved. Once I started filling the box was kinda surprised at just how many oils I have! I ordered some empty 10 ml bottles so I could use some of the oils I have in bigger bottles in here. I will just refill them with droppers. Great job on thebox……as my brother always tells me……the witch doctor is in! Lol

  3. 5 out of 5

    Love this box. It is sturdy and holds all the oils and rollers that I am currently using, with plenty of space for growth. It is also very nice looking. I have it sitting on a shelf in my closet. I no longer have to search for an oil and knock over other oils trying to get the one I was looking for.

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