Revive Essential Oil Label Sheet Stickers (oils not included)


  • EXCLUSIVELY FOR THE REVIVE ESSENTIAL OIL LINE- Enjoy a value-packed deal with 3 sheets of 150 stickers (450 Labels in total) that will help you organize, store, and sample all your favorite Revive essential oil roller bottles. *OILS NOT INCLUDED
  • STAY ON TOP OF ORGANIZATION- Big collections of essential oils tend to get really hectic. With our bottle cap labels, you will be able to always know where what is, and keep everything neatly stored as you save huge on time.
  • COLOR CODED & PREPRINTED- Our essential oil bottle stickers are color coded, with the names of each Essential Oil variation pre-printed on them. A simple look is all you need to identify the bottle you need and these come especially handy for both Oil connoisseurs and professionals who need to be quick in pulling out the right sample for their customers.
  • FOR PERSONAL & PROFESSIONAL USE- Whether your collection is getting a bit out of hand (we know we love ours!) or you are a professional who needs efficient means of organizing their sample inventory, we got your back. Enjoy the most value-packed deal for Revive Essential oils & we guarantee you’ll never go back to life without bottle cap stickers! *OILS NOT INCLUDED


Bottle Cap Labels for Revive Essential Oils by Aroma Outfitters When it’s time to relax and you have to find the right Essential Oil bottle, searching endlessly in between identical roller bottles while looking at them from top-down, can take all the magic away. Aroma Outfitters sets out to minimize your time spent searching, and maximize your time spent relaxing. With our roller bottle cap labels you are able to find exactly what you need, right when you need it. Tell each individual variation of Essential Oil apart with a simple look and never get lost again! Enjoy Your Own Organizational Heaven with our 450x, Color-Coded, Pre-Printed Bottle Cap Sticker Set!

Color-Coded Goodness Each sticker is color coded and was designed to perfectly blend with the specific roller bottle colors of the Revive line so that your collection looks flawless.

Heavy-Duty Vinyl Construction Simply put, our stickers are made to last and help you relax. With a highly resilient adhesive side, combined with a waterproof & tear-resistant build, you’re set for ages! Pre-Printed Revive Names On each label you can find the name of each Revive Essential Oil Variation pre-printed for maximum storing, sampling & organizing efficiency.

A Value-Packed Deal With each purchase you get our wholesome 450-Pack offer. This includes 3x sheets of 150 Revive Essential Oil Labels each, making it of incredible value for both the Revive Essential Oil collector as well as the professional seller. Kiss mess goodbye and enter organizational dream-come-true, with the Aroma Outfitters Bottle Cap Labels for Revive Essential Oils! Click Add to Cart Now & Enjoy Your Revive Essential Oils Like You Should!