500 ML Large Iron Essential Oil Diffuser


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  • Exclusive Aroma Outfitters Metal design, BPA free Water Tank. No more cheap plastic and fake wood diffusers, this is a high-end iron metal material aromatherapy essential oil diffuser. The unique design cover is one of a kind. Great for both home decorative diffusers the best gift ideas.
  • ULTRASONIC QUIET OPERATION. The indicator light illuminates to know which setting is being used. Diffuse for 1-24 hours! with the 500 ML water tank. Set your diffuser to mist constantly for maximum fragrance, perfect for enjoying aromatherapy. Use the intermittent cycle for diffusing intervals to provide an entire day of aromatherapy.
  • FEEL REJUVENATED, INVIGORATED & REFRESHED WITH OUR IRON AROMA DIFFUSER! The super-cool LED lights can double as a stunning night lamp, so you can enjoy a relaxing night’s sleep while the auto shut-off function will help you sleep without any worries. Plus, the HUGE 500 ml water tank will help you save your time and effort since you don’t have to fill it up every couple of hours. Just press the button and enjoy the incredible aromatherapy show.
  • LOOKING FOR THE MOST THOUGHTFUL GIFT IDEA? Surprise your loved ones with our elite aromatherapy diffuser and offer them a truly unique experience. The durable construction combined with the smart functions and sleek LED lights will allow your wife, husband, boyfriend, girlfriend, parents or children to relax, unwind and enjoy the therapeutic benefits of aromatherapy and essential oils in style!
  • 100% SATISFACTION OR YOUR MONEY BACK! Our mission is to offer you the highest-quality essential oil diffuser humidifier at the most competitive price. That’s exactly why we back our modern, practical and convenient essential oil diffuser with a peace-of-mind 1-Year warranty! If you’re not 100% thrilled with our aroma diffuser’s performance, we promise to offer you a replacement or a full refund on-the-spot!



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iron metal essential oil diffuser

12-24 hour run time! No more boring plastic diffusers! This elegant extra large 500 ml diffuser boasts a tree design etched in genuine metal. Perfect for larger living spaces or all night operation. Rotates through several colors or turn off the light at night. This is an Aroma Outfitters EXCLUSIVE design. 2-year warranty.

Medical grade plastic and our ultrasonic technology provide a safe, clean method of diffusing. This diffuser releases humidity into the air to help reduce chapped dry skin in dry climates.  Auto shut off when the 500 mL water reservoir is empty, no matter which timer setting you use for safety of use. 

Aroma Outfitters: A Family Brand On a Mission

We are on a mission to make essential oils easier to use in your home.  There are so many benefits you will receive by diffusing pure and natural essential oils in your home.  We created our premium Metal 500mL Iron Diffuser with an extra large water tank to allow your diffuser to run for a longer period of time, without having to re-fill it every two hours with water.

We also created our elegant diffuser with a unique, one-of-a-kind design that you will feel proud to show off in your home.  It makes a beautiful statement in any room in your home.

Get ready for a truly relaxing, healing, and refreshing experience for all of your senses to enjoy as soon as you push the power button on!  

Spread the Smell of Happiness Throughout Your Home!

Did you know that smell has a huge influence on the emotions you feel everyday?  Do you want to feel calm, invigorated, sensual, joyful, or focused? You can be in control of the mood and tone of your home with the touch of a button on your Aroma Outfitters Diffuser! Simply choose the essential oil to fit the mood, and add a few drops to your aromatherapy diffuser!  #winning

Enjoy a Few of Our Favorite Essential Oil Blends:

Better Sleep: Sweet Orange, Lavender, Vetiver, Cedar Wood

Repelling Insects: Peppermint, Clove, Tea Tree, Rosemary, Lemongrass

Improving Focus: Basil, Rosemary, Lemon, Sandalwood

Immune Booster: Eucalyptus, Cinnamon Bark, Peppermint, Clove

Improving Mood:  Grapefruit, Lavender, Lemon, Sweet Orange, Tangerine, Nutmeg, Spruce

A Few Reasons You’ll Love Using Your Aroma Outfitters Diffuser:

  • Improves Your Sleep, Concentration, Mood, & Health
  • Keeps Your Airways Moist and Healthy to Help Your Family Breathe Better
  • Unique and Elegant Decorative Design for Home Decor
  • Enjoy a Gorgeous LED Light Display with 7 Different Colors
  • Constructed from a Premium Iron Metal for Maximum Durability
  • Very Quiet Ultrasonic Mist Sound
  • Simple to Operate and Easy to Clean
  • Extra-Large 500 mL Water Tank for Longer 24 Hour Use
  • Looks Beautiful in Every Room in Your Home
  • Makes a Special Gift for Essential Oil Users

Say Hello to a Safer Alternative to Candles, Air Fresheners, and Artificial Incense

Did you know that most candles are toxic when you burn them?  If you have pets or small children, it is best to avoid burning candles or other incense that can be potentially hazardous. With our Deluxe Aroma Outfitters Essential Oils Diffuser, you can enjoys the many benefits of aromatherapy without the risk of burns or harmful toxins being released into the air your breathe.

Easy Instructions to Operate:

Step 1) Choose your desired location for diffuser— kitchen, living room, bedroom, office, or bathroom.  Then, plug in your diffuser to a power outlet with the included plug.

Step 2) Take off the top half of diffuser lid, and fill up the water tank with purified water.

Step 3) Add 8 to 10 drops of your favorite essential oils into the water tank.

Step 4) Press the power button, and select the setting you desire.

Step 5) Press the light button to turn on the LED lights.  Enjoy!


Choose From 2 Settings:  You can diffuse essential oils for up to 24 hours with our extra-large 500 mL water tank design. You can choose to let your diffuser mist constantly for maximum fragrance or to choose the lower mist strength for diffusing to provide an entire day of aromatherapy.  The indicator light illuminates to let you know which setting is being used.

Enjoy a Gorgeous Light Display:  The super cool LED lights can be used as a relaxing way to unwind throughout the day, or they can be used as stunning night lamp.   The auto shut-off function will help you sleep without any worries. Simply press the light button and enjoy the incredible aromatherapy light show.

Give Yourself a Spa Aromatherapy Experience:  You deserve to feel good every day!  With our premium Aroma Outfitters Essential Oil Diffuser, you can enjoy a magical way to relax with lights, smells, and gentle water sounds.  It is a truly an experience you will crave daily!