Essential Oil Wooden Storage Box – 87 to 100 Bottle Capacity – Includes Circle Label set


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  • OIL STORAGE BOX LARGE CAPACITY! Holds 87 total bottles, 75 (5-15ml bottles) in an upright position and 12 slanted spaces for roller bottles. Slanted spaces can be removed for storage of spray bottles and more. Converts to 100 Bottles with the optional Essential Oil Wooden Dividers.
  • BONUS EO Label Stickers and Foam padding.
  • ORGANIZE! Easily organize any essential oils you own and have room to expand your oil collection. Having your essential oils in one place makes them easier to find and use.

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Large Essential Oil Storage box with removable foam padding holds 87 total bottles

This extra large wooden essential oil storage box holds all your essential oils with plenty of additional room to expand your oil collection. Will fit dōTERRA, Young Living, Scentsy, It Works and many more essential oil brands!

  • holds 75 bottles in an upright position and 12 bottles in a slant position (including roller bottles)
  • perfect for organizing essential oils – bonus circle label set!
  • great for transporting oils, presentations and more
  • foam padding secures your oils when traveling so they don’t rattle around or break

Oil Storage box sturdy Construction

Sturdy and quality construction with natural pine finish. Stain to your own liking or leave as is for a natural look. No Logo on the lid for a clean look when the box is opened.

  • clean look for presentations or classes
  • custom design for perfect fit of essential oil bottles and versatile. Remove roller bottle grid to store other items
  • keep all your oils in one location
  • QUALITY CONSTRUCTION! Made from a natural pine, this box is beautifully designed and crafted
  • SAFELY AND EASILY TRANSPORT YOUR OILS! Safely carry your essential oils to classes, presentations, family vacations and back home again. Just close the lid, latch the box and you are on your way!

Wooden essential oil storage box Dimensions:

13.5″ (Length) x 13.5″ (Width) x 3.5″ (Height)