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► CALM DRIVING – using calming essential oils in the vehicle is a great way to reduce stress while driving. Suffer from motion sickness? Add some peppermint essential oil to this car vent diffuser and calm your body and help increase your alertness while on the road.
► AROMATHERAPY ON THE GO! Add some calming essential oils to reduce stress with commuting, children in the car and more. NO MORE STRESSFUL FAMILY ROAD TRIPS!
► ECO-FRIENDLY – CHEMICAL FREE way to freshen the interior of your vehicle. No more chemically based sprays and throw away air fresheners. Try the Aroma Outfitters car diffuser for a natural fresh smelling vehicle. You’ll be in love with it for years. 2 washable and reusable felt refills pads included – COLORS VARY.
► WATERLESS DIFFUSION – no more endangering the electronic components of your vehicle with water vapor. Quality made magnetic closure for ease of use and stainless steel construction. Drop your essential oils on the felt pad for a fresh and calm vehicle interior. This vent clip diffuser will last you for years to come.
► FOR BEST RESULTS – reapply oils to felt pad with each trip. For larger car interiors such as SUVs and vans, use 1 clip diffuser in the front vents and a second diffuser clip in the rear vents. Take advantage of the discounts on purchases of more than one.

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No more stressful trips with this car diffuser!  Drop some lavender or your favorite calming blend in your new car diffuser clip!  Vents in the back of this piece allow the aroma of essential oils to be effectively diffused into the interior of your vehicle.

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With just a few drops of your favorite 100% therapeutic aromatherapy blend, your commute can become more relaxing instead of stressful.

More and more people are spending time in their vehicles every day – why not create a more peaceful atmosphere with the help of essential oils such as lavender or lemon?

Durable, stainless steel is rust-resistant and won’t tarnish, Use this car vent clip diffuser with confidence in any climate or season. Simply clip the Aroma Outfitters Essential Oil Diffuser to a vent, and let it go to work. No need to plug it into your USB or Cigarette lighter which means you have room to still charge your phone and other devices while still enjoying the benefits of the diffuser.

The air passing thru your car vents will allow you to enjoy the aromatic benefits of essential oils. It is as easy as that! Individually colored filters create a custom look every time you make a switch. The Aroma Outfitters Aromatherapy Oil Diffuser is easy to use.

Simply pop open the top of the essential oil diffuser, remove a filter and add up to 10 drops of your favorite oil. To maintain your felt pads, simply rinse out and dry the reusable filters. You can reuse felt pads to change your blends for additional variety. You can also store additional filters in the glove box to keep the car smelling fresh on long family car trips or to cover up troublesome pet (or kid!) smells. (pad colors will vary)

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