14 Bottle Essential Oil Roller Bottle Case


► SPACIOUS & VERSATILE! This case holds up to 14 rollers bottles or 7 rollers and 20 sample size ⅝ drams. (Bottles not included). Easy in and out velcro interchangeable panels means you can carry the bottles you want when you want.
► INDESTRUCTIBLE! Hardshell case with three fabric layers and neoprene divider. Essential Oils cost a LOT of money. This hard shell case means your oils are PROTECTED and insulated. ► Don’t trust your oils to a cheap case!
► LARGE CAPACITY! This is a PERFECT size. At 7.5″ LONG x 2.2″ TALL x 4.5″ WIDE it fits PERFECTLY in a purse, glovebox, backpack, diaper bag or drawer.
► COMPACT SIZE! Perfect for travel, you will not even notice this bag in your purse or pocket. Great for MEN as well.
► FUNCTIONAL! Protects and holds 14 roller bottles OR 20 ⅝ dram bottles. (bottles not included). Never again guess what bottle you are grabbing. Get what you need QUICKLY!



This essential oil roller bottle case is the best value and has the largest capacity on the market! No more clanking bottles in drawers or spilling on floors – your Lavender and Peppermint roll-ons finally have a safe place to stay.

Fourteen 10ml Roller Bottles fit perfectly side by side in this WATERPROOF STAIN RESISTANT hard shell carrying case! Leave it in your purse or place it sideways in a drawer – your bottles will not slip out of their individual dividers.

FIND IT IMMEDIATELY Each loop is made from TOP QUALITY elastic.

TESTED and APPROVED by HUNDREDS of OIL Users and Oily Experts! Ours sits right next to our essential oil desk reference guide! While it does fit many size bottles it fits the 10ml roller bottles and ⅝ drams best.

Aroma Outfitters offers the best in quality essential oil accessories. If you have 15 ml bottles, they will fit, BUT it’s a tight fit and will fit 5-7 depending on the brand of essential oil. (Different oil companies have differently shaped bottles). The perfect way to store or carry your roller ball blends with you. Sleek design fits easily in a purse, backpack, diaper bag and more!