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    aroma outfitters car vent diffuser
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    Car Vent Diffuser Clip – Tree of Life

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    200 ML Diffuser

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    300 ML Woodgrain Diffuser

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    3d gala diffuser

    3d Gala Ultrasonic Glass Diffuser with 3D LED Light Effect – multiple colors

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    Giro White Black

    50ml Hero Essential Oil Diffuser

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Looking for a simple way to freshen up and calm a room? The Aroma Outfitters Ultrasonic Essential Oil Diffusers are an elegant and easy way to diffuse your oils. Just add water and a few drops of your favorite essential oil. Our advanced ultrasonic vaporizing diffusion technology quietly releases a soothing fragrant mist up to 6 hours. Our Automatic shut-off system that turns the diffuser off when empty protects the product from being burning out, which increases the life if your diffuser.

The Aroma Outfitters ultrasonic humidifier works hard to make your home fresher and healthier for up to 6 hours. The humidifier function adds moisture to the air and produces calming water trickling sounds to help you sleep better. It also helps with coughs less and alleviates dry sinuses. These units also diffuses your favorite scented oils without heat, which maintains their holistic properties. The result is clean, moist air that smells amazing!