Everything You Need to Know About Cypress Essential Oil

benefits of cypress oil

Don’t you just love the woodsy, herbaceous aroma of tree-based essential oils? I know I do. It’s like stepping into a forest where you can be instantly invigorated by earthy, clean, all-natural scents and feelings. That’s because some of the wood derived essential oils are made from the branches, bark, or even the leaves of …

Essential Oils and the Holidays

Holiday Diffuser Blend

Essential oils are so easy to incorporate into the holidays! I love using essential oils to diffuse fun and spicy aromas during this time of year. Below are a few of the ways that my family uses them around the holidays. Holiday Diffuser Recipe They say that the sense of smell can usher in memories …

DIY Essential Oil Bath Salts

bath salts DIY Essential Oils HOw to use

Have You Tried Relaxing with Bath Salts? I love a relaxing bath. Mind you it doesn’t happen very often, but when my wonderful husband takes kid duty for the evening, I love to soak in a warm bath with my book. These Essential Oil Bath Salts are the perfect addition. I should also mention, I …