Top Holiday Picks for Essential Oil Lovers

Are you the type that waits until the last minute to do your holiday gift shopping? Not this year! In this post, we’re going to explore some top picks for essential oil lovers. These ideas are perfect gifts for your family, friends or… you know, yourself! You do treat yourself every now and then, right? …


Can You Travel With Essential Oils? YES – Read Our Definitive Guide

How to travel with essential oils.

Anytime you’re going on a trip, it’s a good idea to bring your essential oils along with you so that you can benefit from them even when you’re away from home. The actual process of bringing them is where things can get tricky… but know that it’s completely possible as long as you make sure …

Natural Finish Essential Oil Boxes for Custom Art

Finished products

I enjoy crafting. I used to scrapbook before I had two little munchkins running around. Now that my “free” time is dwindling crafting and creativity doesn’t get as much attention as they used to. At Aroma Outfitters, we’ve had several of you on Instagram post pictures of your wooden boxes, all nicely painted and customized. …

Essential Oil Storage 101

Essential oil Storage 101

With essential oils being readily available, chances are you’re bound to keep your favorite oils on hand throughout your home, car, gym bag, and elsewhere. When you take your oils with you, protecting them may not be foremost in your mind. Thankfully, the guidelines for storing your favorite essential oils are fairly simple. Here are …

Why I Keep My Oils in the Kitchen

Essential oil box essential oil organizer

When I first starting using essential oils, I put the few oils that I had in a small dish in my kitchen. This turned out to be a major key in helping our family make the shift from turning to “traditional” remedies (e.g., store bought) to using essential oils for things that came up. First …


Don’t Leave Home Without Your Essential Oils!

Essential oIl bottle

After about 6 months into my essential oils journey, one of my children had a minor health problem. I knew that essential oils could help, so I went to look up information on which oils I could use to help them. I didn’t have on hand the main oil that was listed in the information …